Digital Classroom

What is a digital classroom? Digital curriculum might be your first thought. What’s the whole picture? We don’t need technology for the sake of technology. We need technology only if it helps teaching. Some of the key points are:

  • Deliver Instruction through Multiple Forms of Media
  • Gather and Use Immediate Feedback on Students’ Understanding
  • Give Students Options
  • Automate Basic-skills Practice
  • Pretest Students’ Knowledge Before Each Unit
Using digital classroom also enables you:

  • a textbook as one entity, not the central piece, a wide variety of resources and content are all parts of virtual textbooks (digital curriculum)
  • student access at homes and the general community
  • professional development that allows teachers to learn, collaborate
  • collaboration between classrooms, communities, and cultures
  • Students learn the online skills necessary to communicate, collaborate, and learn.
  • nonlinear learning, differentiated instruction, and pedagogy reform could be enabled
  • student-centered and student-in-charge learning

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