IT Security Services

Security is always on the minds of the technology professionals at Solaris Intelligence.  Performing a cost-effective penetration test allows Solaris Intelligence engineers to probe for vulnerable areas of your network that may be susceptible to unwanted security risks.  Our team of security professionals will implement numerous tools and methodologies in order to adequately survey the internal and/or external portions of your network and provide a detailed report upon completion. The report will identify each vulnerability and will provide solutions for correcting those vulnerabilities along with suggestions for best practices to improve the security and overall health of your network.

Contact us to realize the security benefits that Solaris Intelligence can offer your business!

Benefits Include:

  • Control server activities that reduce productivity, such as spam and inappropriate web surfing.
  • Enable anytime anywhere access for remote employees.
  • Protect your computers and data from outside threats such as viruses, spyware, bot-nets and phishing.
  • Powerful management and control features that deliver support and advanced management capabilities.
  • Full Reporting, Automatic Updates, Active Directory Integration, Policy Management and more.
  • Universal Threat Management devices eliminate large latencies associated with moving data through apps.
  • These devices are scalable products for your business and can grow as you do.
  • Additional features are constantly being developed and updated.