Network Infrastructure

Solaris Intelligence provides our customer’s with detailed network performance analysis which provides a fresh perspective for company owners.  We have the ability to cost-effectively transform aging networks into a state-of-the-art physical or virtual network that makes the best economic sense for your business objectives. Utilizing proven technologies from our business partners, and many others to implement designs that include cloud applications, high-speed wired and wireless networks, and backup and disaster recovery applications.

Network assessments provide our highly trained technicians the ability to properly maintain our customers networks, either onsite or remotely, when asked. We document every action that is performed on your network and provide you with that information via access to our secure customer portal. We provide several support options that best fit our customer’s business plans along with the flexibility to tailor our offerings to suit your unique business.  Paying as you go with time and materials (T&M), getting a lower-cost pre-paid time block, or going with a retainer program which provides on-going support with one monthly fixed payment.  All of our plans are backed with a customer satisfaction guaranteed.Contact us to see how Solaris Intelligence can help improve your network infrastructure today!

Network Infrastructure

Benefits of our Network services

Reduce overall spend on network

Moving to Solaris Intelligence Network services can dramatically reduce your network spend.

Access to a range of Cloud services

Multiple services from a single circuit. Access our full suite of data services.

Communicate more effectively

Our range of connectivity options allow you to connect all your locations.

Access our world-class data centers

Geographically separate data centers are embedded within our network.

24/7/365 Support

Our 24/7/365 support team proactively monitors your network.