Remote Services and PC Managment

Our team of experts will keep a watchful eye on your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. That ensure your IT will always be performing at its peak.

Solaris Intelligence Monitoring scope of work includes:

  • Manage inventory and document the IP-addressable devices which will be monitored such as servers, peripherals, and/or network devices. The documentation includes information on all major hardware components, software applications, IP addresses and other factors which help determine appropriate monitoring settings and thresholds.
  • Creating a service call matrix and methodology to document communication contacts and methods for ongoing collaboration and system-generated alerts.
  • Documenting the named individuals who will be granted access to reporting capabilities.
  • Providing a remote Network Operations Center that work in conjunction with onsite staff to monitor the networked servers and the infrastructure environment.
  • Monitoring of systems, applications and processes based on thresholds determined by on-site, Network Operations staff and the College and alerting the onsite staff for resolution.
  • Managing the threshold settings on each system and monitoring the collection devices throughout the length of the contract, working with on-site staff to determine optimum settings. Monitored devices may include IP addressable devices, database processes, application processes, and/or other routines running on servers which can be monitored. Monitoring may also cover specified IP addresses of designated network routers, switches and/or other networked IP devices.
  • Alert onsite staff by email and/or text-enabled cell phones when alert thresholds have been exceeded or when monitored systems fail to respond.
  • Configuring scripts to provide rapid restart of devices and processes being monitored, when applicable, under the direction of onsite staff.
  • Providing designated onsite staff and/or College management with read-only access to reporting system via an authenticated web-based portal.
  • Assisting onsite staff in the analysis and interpretation of reports and their applicability to specific symptoms or service affecting events.