We are Solaris. And This is what we do.

Solaris Intelligence is an Informative Technology service provider that focuses on delivering IT needs for small businesses. Our mission is to help small businesses with their IT needs while enabling them to better focus on their core strengths and services. We offer a complete range of business systems to meet all client IT requirements. 

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Our Services

Cloud Computing

If you would like to take advantage of the innovative Cloud technology, we would like to welcome you to our Cloud hosting services. We offer the best feature/price ratio in the market and our Cloud packages are designed to suit any type of web projects.

Planning & Assessment

A lack of proper strategic IT planning can result in financial investments made in IT systems that are inappropriate for your organization’s long-term needs. To ensure that your organization’s IT systems are developed to support current and future demand, it’s important to invest in strategic IT planning.

IT Secutiry Services

Security is always on the minds of the technology professionals at Solaris Intelligence. Performing a cost-effective penetration test allows Solaris Intelligence engineers to probe for vulnerable areas of your network that may be susceptible to unwanted security risks.

Web Development & SEO

Affordable, and yet professional sites is our specialty. Website Design is just one half of the process however – the other half is website development, which will differ greatly depending on what functions you need your website to achieve. We do it best.

How We Work


Set a clear and high target witch the project has to achieve. Define its main functionalities and services.


Our team, of highly skilled and talented developers and designers starts setting the foundations for the appearance of the product. 


Customer satisfaction is key, any changes or ideas the customer has in mind for their product are developed and implemented.


Realisation of the product is our favorite part! Every step is crucial. But we always love it when we put things together that work!

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